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the inception of writing is beginning ,
first of all ,let us deal with translation and some comment on my post from 2dkf
At  first  this writing course serve as multiple --purpose ,not only  writing for communication  but how to express  your mind and consiously add  repetitive word include GRE word list  formming  the redundant composition  and not trim the branch in this  article
if you are indulge in the emotion of ivory  tower hypothesis ,please stay  away  from this bullshit  article .there is no room to deal with your sentiment
probably a handbook  of writing is suitable  for you
let  us translate some simple sentence and paragraph as the example to move on the next stage
Nobody hold the gun towards you to force you to read my article
Probably it is my turn to relish the savour of keyboard
Articulate my view clearly you are incapable for this task beforehand ,and you are not the targeted audience in this article .Do you can imagine the inability  dropout teacher can give some useful  advise for me .NO ,they only konw form the circles to support their superstition and drive somebody out from this .Put it straightly ,if you hold this belief .perhaps you will be drive  yourself into nut with gradually  trample your belief,overthrow  the traditional view by ample instance and any unorthodox technique put into pratical .cater with your favourite then  watch ,if not get out of my post .
What a pity .Somebody writing an article must care for audience ,degrade yourself into serf .If you are interesting in this article ,watch in your own way ,if not get out of it ,stay away with it .

the writing course contain some entry in it :
Writing an article usually consider the audience ,because of knowledge of the background are different .It is impossible for you to write an article in english communicate with somebody without any English knowledge .So in the  European course book wll raise the problem about audience firsthand and treat it paramount important .but they ignore one thing some people writing article only for entertain yourself especially in the online network ,obviously ,for this people ,consideration about audience is not imperative ,Funny is supreme foremost than every thing.my happiness is base on your tragedy and misery is the motto that we must keep in mind .It is the noticeable difference between the pratical and ivory tower .
culture difference
writing an article usually involve simile ,metaphor ,personification ,metonymy ,synecdoche ,euphemism ,irony ,overstatement understatement ,transfered epithet ,oxymoron ,alliteration
in the word  above, euphemism and metaphor usually appear in my reading ,remember this two word .the rest of words can ignore .
you can imagine one person apply this technique  above figure of speech to the solemn article ,sorry ,I cant imagine it .it will bring the ambiguity ,polysemy,vague semantic in the article .you are violate your masterpiece even for entertainment .It is best for serious entertainment .
They think the diction is no point in article.I think the diction is a big deal in the article .It doesn't matter. no it is a big matter of all respect of the article .

launch a duel towards somebody like network bigbig,you must writing by low frequent word in order to win the game ,wean from low frequent word with no point in it ,It will degrade into causal talk .No one will expect some ridiculous farce .by the way ,believe or not when I writen article less look for dictionary .Rely on dictionary ,not by sense of language is the root of fail ,why? please think over by yourself ...but refer to related book is necessary .because of useful expresion and diction is unavailable only by  dictionary.and obviously dictionary cant solve the topic question ,it must rely on experience not dictionary.

It is a piece of cake on the diction ,no ,its quite difficult for me
there is two way to achieve the successful diction
1:circumspection of the meaning of the word
prudent on  one word's meaning is not careful or pay attention ,is ability,skill  and experience .for example
synthesize a word into sentence .
I actually see the expression like above ,but untill now I cant sure the usage of synthesize can use under this context .
put it straightly, circumspection rely on you how to grasp the word not only the meaning in the dictionary ,but also some metaphor meaning in the word .school denote the style of one partism .gravely signify the degree of the accident .idolatry imply following the tolerant mainstream without any reason .dogma ,doctrine will play the role in the idolatry.designate the name to the object ,If there are some terminology exist ,use it ,if not  ,designate the name to the object according to the word notion and expound it in the article .
2:copycat or mimic
synthesize detergent is a totally stable word ,I can sure this word combination is valid in the article .I will use it boldly without any hesitation .reading and dictionary  can be function as watchdog in the inspection of the article .reading mainly grounded the writing in all aspect .
Another factor in the article

As I mention in the cite
If you rely on dictionary to choose the word synthesize sentence ,probably even one article may cost you half of years.So sorry for you ,I cant accompany with you cost so long time in it ,so I rely on experience ,dont kidding with me ,following my plan ,I only intend to cost three week in this article not half of years .So it avoid apply   humorous and eloquent way in the article .
There is another controversy in the BBS
emphasis on the grammar analyze or emphasis on word sequence or focus on how to express your mind .
the pitfall of grammar analyze is you cant find one sentence in article compatible to foreigner article ,but it completely conform with grammar .
It is no difference between emphasis on word sequence and how to express your mind , the collective point of this two entry is imitation from  foreigner about the way of expression .This article mainly support the point of imitation not grammar analyze
There is more another controversy in the BBS :
I wonder why do the Chinese language will be influence on the English .tell me why .forgive  me  talk back you ruthless incessantly ,I cant see any connection between  the Chinese and English ,if you insist your point please prove  your viewpoint and present your paper into public .but this behavior will be end up in void ,because  there are considerable number of counterexample in my hand .notice this word  "counterexample" the corpus of dictionary cant find this word in it .but in my reading it comprise it .so  I use this word in my article regardless the dictionary only rely on my reading experience .

title or topic
topic choic
how to choose a topic to engage the writing is more difficult for somebody they often failed to develop the own interesting and cant perceive themself correctly .In other words ,they are learning English not to play or enjoy English ,learning English for this People usually as a task .In truth no difficult for choose the topic ,only  select one topic you familiar with
in addition:
at least ,in this  stage ,you cant apply the method like remembering the  word  crossing all  discipline .thus your writing theme must  be your familiar with
the word of other field is too much for you ,not only  basic  knowledge ,common sense ,general practice ,way  to verify the fact ,but also basic terminology ,judgement about the next step ,how to take the next measure to confront it .you have no concept  at all .
method of crossing all  discipline to remembering the word is prepare for some deviant  People be well-trained ,well -prepare ,well-gifted people ,not for the mundane without any special  trait normal people
If the normal people can accomplish this way ,It is arrogant and  haughty,this practice is despise the other professional ,so take this method discreet ,It is indefinitely closed to the almighty and insurmountable ,invincible god .not to mention you are challenge the god and beyond the human limit

Generate  idea and develop  your viewpoint in depth
It is probably the most difficult for everybody to how to devise a way to develop the own viewpoint with your sole style insight ,In this field ,copying the idea from another is forbidden ,It is a deceivable behavior.every duplicate is violation of the law .you must treat it seriously .
Some way to develop the idea to some extent make it unique in the universe .
Mainly embrace two part in it
1:Isolation ;if you refer more reference in writing your paper ,they will capture your mind in the cage ,you cant free to pent out your creativity and passion on your own ponder and calm meditation.precious your whimsical imagine and momentary eureka ,observe the world from every perspective ,the overall map will be appear its outline and  present on your brain .
2:modify and transform  the present idea ,in this way you must collect the information about existent idea in order to modify .no idea in the world is perfect ,they are full with defect more than I can bear ,no idea is the absolute truth ,It is only hypothesis not bible .There is a chance for you to develope your own idea based on your predecessor and transcend your predecessor,It is not the time to insist the Chinese culture about modesty ,It is time to condescend your superior ability to beyond your limit to achieve your goal .Only modify the idea cant get rid of the replicate ,so the transform the figure and characteristic in your idea ,and present directly the realization to the audience to prove you are correct and accessible ,not stop in the concept ,but embody it .
The extreme way to come up with idea with philosophy.
Proclaim :I think ,therefore I am .This method usually seem in the Japanese animation .especially fantastic adventure genre.Idealism often help you creat the idea about literary ,you must be maverick ,your mindset taken precedence over everything ,every outsider cant interfere your own recollection .Metaphysics play the same role in the literary can boost your imaginary up to  extreme extent .This ideology is indeed the case horrible ,the premonition ,the prophet ,the religion ,will involve in it .The curious thing is that  they can assimilate the heretic who hold the heterodox into their community ..They consolidate their conviction and belief .
put it bluntly ,every way to creat the idea demand some  prerequisite knowledge
practice is the sole criterion for truth
the  prerequisite knowledge divide into two part
declarative knowledge :the common sense of the society
procedural knowledge:the knowledge you learn in the school
The type of writing :
writing can be fall into three group :
narration ,argumentation ,exposition ,illustration
This article only deal with narration ,argumentation.
in accordance with copyright  concept ,you heve better hone your narration skill with fairytale and allegory .although  I am against copyright concept ,from the academic perspective ,I should notice you this point .
first of all ,I mention beforehand ,I am incapable in the narration and high skilled in the ,argumentation.but consider this themet,I will give advise to narration by obligation ,even if inappropriate for inability to make the guidance toward elite ,but elite only consolidate their ivory tower regardless of the realty ,now although inability ,but let me challenged the so-call elite and his stubborn ivory tower.
And the argumentation ,this article is the exemplification and concrete brief illustration,manifestation about the argumentation.The demonstration about this  argumentation is it involve the vocabulary all you need in this one  argumentation.
vocabulary about narration:
jump ,go, stumble, invade, conquer,wake up ,sleep mainly words about behavior and involve even all Field of the word ,bark ,murmur ,lodge the complain,blubber,sob and some emotional word :woe, whimsical imaginary ,happiness ,joy ,angry ,smother ,despondent,down ,sorrow ,sad ,rue ,regret ,distress,disdain,hatred,grateful.
So the narration is difficult for me .The characteristic of narration word present in miscellaneous ,multifarious,diversity ,by contrast of argumentation comparatively numerous times more word than it,more complex than it especially in rhetoric and expression tends to idiomatic ,like hilarious ,elation , ridiculous  .even than  brainstorm cant match it.climber ,dive ,walk ,infiltrator ,demolish ,too much than I can  handle .but I must overcome this hurdle to make the wonderful performance in it .no matter narration or argumentation ,they also consist two type of word in it :
content words and functional words:
content words:phenomena ,accident ,bike ,car, bus ,cake ,butterfly ,equivalent,backbone
functional words:whereas, thereby ,nonetheless , likewise,nevertheless,then .thus .hence ,henceforth,broad  term ,sweeping perspective  

outline and draft  
As you see ,It is only draft without any proofreading,in the final stage revision ,I will rectify every noun .correct the grammar error ,and refine the article into more readable .the outline of this article commence five years old and organize it into forming at present,in the period of this time ,I must gather the information serve as the theme prevent it out of focus in order to do my best to pertinent to the theme .
the gre word list will be distribution to every part in the context .
model example like three paragraph and conclusion compose a essay
replace some word in the article ,some part of article use the "item"will be replace to entry  ,Major will be replace to discipline
probably  you already notice one thing ,I have write the article each part respectively ,and assemble into one unity
every article has its viewpoint and trait .the tactic employ into the article in order to emphasize on something .The adroit of the skill of emphasis is important .It make your  viewpoint more clear and clear your stance in the topic ,go further even can rebuke your opponent and rebut the no ground reason denouncement.debunk all the malicious conspiracy.So adept at emphasis is important ,the adaptive information and your stance will be highlight in glorious .
coherence and logical
coherence serve as logical ,but different from it ,it will made the article clear , readable ,conformity in the context .
logical :the most useful part of outline and draft is to made your chaos mindset in order ,your insightful ,inspiration ,idea the inception of beginning is vague ,unstable ,chaos even commit the fatal fault against the common sense ,and go into paradox without your conscious .when you are aware of the logical paradox.At this time ,everything will be wreck in a moment ,so when you are in the  outline or  draft ,please pay full attention to the logical,even the viewpoint is totally wrong but the  logical cant give up ,bear in mind ,there is no absolute correct and wrong in the universe .If you hold on your logical stable ,probably the wrong idea will be change into correct idea .
precis ,concise ,and lucid in style
revision and edit
check all aspect in your article ,make it idiomatic and coherence,and the last stage is edit,mainly correct the detail about spelling miss ,grammar invalid ,conformity of  style ,finalize this stage.you can present the paper to your teacher .
There is another problem must be solve now ,it raise from the 2DKF ,he claim that the distribution of GRE list word in the article cant not help to remember GRE words and abundant example indicate that is completely waste time .I think there is some difference between my accomplish and your example .The most factor influence on the result is this article is made by me ,not you dropout teachers ,my article own the attractive to everybody in Chinese to inscribe the words in their brain and retention forever ,not forget in three day .This measly confident at least I ensure I hold that .The impairment of the brain is an totally  accident ,nobody can predict it .
translation method :
somebody cant cant express your mind fluently in english ,the competence of expression is inhibit by yourself ability in english .so that they complete an article in Chinese ,and translate to the english .how to overcome this condition
At first ,try to explain some words in English ,for example
Gay can explain as joy but few People use it in formal article ,even the informal conversation can be rarely  seen .
groundless :this word signify somebody be the victim of inappropriate judgement ,but it rarely  seen in the article likewise ,so I use the no groud reason to replace it

In the second stage :explain the phenomena in english ,for example :
brother hold the broken DVD shout towards his  sister D.V.D
attack on gigantic
stand up 。go forward towards the gigantic,i remember· the feeling of terrify governed by the gigantic and the humiliation of capture in the cage.the wall is no more the way to protect us from gigantic.counterattack the  gigantic.
we all received the poisonous wave from kyo animation ,and cant get rid of me by myself .no way cant prevent from infection

In the third  stage:you are already can write an article in English ,take a shot in it .
That is all ,next is translation .

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